In-store Parties

We will close the store for your private party.

  • The store rental fee is $200 per hour, most parties require at least 2 hours
  • Outside food and beverage can be brought in
  • Cookie cakes and cupcakes can be provided
  • Speak to our Party Planner to customer your party for any specific needs

Thanks for considering us for your next party!

Design Your Own Dozen Party – $25 per guest

Milk & Cookies signature product. Choose one of our base doughs and we will give each of your guests enough to make approximately 12 cookies.

We will provide trays of mix-ins (over 20 options of chocolates, nuts, coconut, marshmallows, dried fruit,etc. to choose from ). Each guest will be able to mix and scope their dough on cookie sheets.  Our staff will handle putting the cookies into the oven and taking them out when they are done.

One beverage of choice will be provided for each guest. We will individually box each guests cookies as a party favor for them to take home.